There are lots of acronyms, options and opinions. Let’s look at the possibilities so you can have the information to make an informed decision.
RAAUS Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC)

Is to provide you with high quality reliable flight training. In partnership with Bob Tait Aviation Theory we offer a range of flight training and theory courses to suit everyone from the recreational pilot to the career minded CPL student.

Our school is located at Redcliffe, on the doorstep to the beautiful Moreton Bay where you’ll spend less time on the ground waiting for clearances and more time in the air flying one of our many modern aircraft.

CASA Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

Advanced Aviation has a fleet of recreational and certified aircraft. We offer training in all manner of aircraft, from light sport RAAus registered aircraft through to certified Twins and experimental.

We have a large team of qualified instructors ready to help you meet your aviation goals. Poip in and have a chat, or give us a call about the variety of courses and endorsements you can complete with our team of instructors.

Combination of Both

Is to help our students on their way to being better and more confident pilots. We accomplish this through excellent training, education and exposure to different scenarios, aircraft and settings.

We don’t conform to one aircraft type. We will teach you to fly a myriad of different planes, giving you confidence and exposure that will set you up for your future in aviation. After all, when your looking for your first job, if you’ve only ever landed a low wing on bitumen you might be at a disadvantage.

Flight Training Options.


Advanced Aviation Training Is a flight training organisation that provides a broad range of licenses, courses and endorsements.

From Recreational aviation, for the aviation enthusiast, to full Commercial and Instrument rated professional pilot courses. With our modern aircraft fleet, you can experience the latest in technology and safety, best preparing you for your private licence or career in aviation.


Where to from here?

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Call and talk to us about pathways and discuss any questions you might have.

Find out what additional items you may require for theory exams and flight training.

Use the checklist to make sure you have all the information and associated costs.